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      3. Admissible, Similar Tests: A characterizationAppendix AAppendix BReplication Files,

          This version: March 2017

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          (Joint with Bulat Gafarov and Matthias Meier)

          This version: July 2017

          Recepient of the 2016 ESEM award for best paper in Applied Economics by young researchers (Geneve 2016)

      5. Projection Inference for Set-Identified SVARsSlides.

          (Joint with Bulat Gafarov and Matthias Meier)

          This version: June 2016

      6. Uniform Inference in SVARs Identified with External Instruments.

          (Joint with James H. Stock and Mark Watson)

          This version: February 2016

      7. Posterior Distribution of Nondifferentiable FunctionsAppendix BSlides.

          (Joint with Jonathan Payne and Toru Kitagawa)

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      8. Simultaneous Confidence Bands: Theoretical Comparisons and Suggestions for Practice.

          (Joint with Mikkel Plagborg-Møller)

          This version: April 2017


Updated: July 2017