1. A Robust Test for Weak Instruments,

          (Joint with Carolin Pflueger)

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          (Joint with Tomasz Strzalecki)

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      3. Delta-Method Inference for a Class of Set-Identified SVARs,  Appendix AAppendix B,

          (Joint with Bulat Gafarov and Matthias Meier)

          Journal of Econometrics

          Volume 203, Issue 2, April 2018, pp. 316-327.

          Recepient of the 2016 ESEM award for best paper in Applied Economics by young researchers (Geneve 2016).

      4. Marginal Tax Rates and Income: New Time Series Evidence,

          (Joint with Karel Mertens)

          Quarterly Journal of Economics

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      5. Simultaneous Confidence Bands: Theory, Implementation, and an Application to SVARs.   Appendix,   Matlab SimInference Class,   GitHub Repo.

          (Joint with Mikkel Plagborg-Møller)

          Journal of Applied Econometrics

          Volume 34, Issue 1, January 2019, pp. 1-17.

      8. Empirical Bayes Estimation of Treatment Effects with Many A/B Tests: An Overview,

          (Joint with Eduardo M. Azevedo, Alex Deng, Justin Rao, and E. Glen Weyl)

          AEA Papers & Proceedings

          Volume 109, May 2019, pp. 43-47.

      7. Admissible, Similar Tests: A characterization,  Supplementary Material,

          This version: June 2019

          Econometric Theory


      8. Inference in SVARs Identified with an External Instruments,  Appendix,   GitHub Repo.

          (Joint with James H. Stock and Mark Watson)

          This version: November 2018

      9. (Machine) Learning Parameter Regions.

          (Joint with James Nesbit)

          This version: June 2019

      10. A/B Testing with Fat Tails ,  Supplementary Material,

          (Joint with Eduardo Azevedo, Alex Deng, Justin Rao, E. Glen E. Weyl)

          This version: August 2019

      11. Posterior Distribution of Nondifferentiable FunctionsSupplementary Material.

          (Joint with Jonathan Payne, Toru Kitagawa, and Amilcar Velez)

          This version: September 2019

      12. Projection Inference for Set-Identified SVARsSlides.

          (Joint with Bulat Gafarov and Matthias Meier)

          (new version coming soon)

      13. Competing Models.

          (Joint with Pietro Ortoleva, Mallesh Pai, and Andrea Prat)

          This version: June 2019

      14. A Robust Machine Learning Algorithm for Text Analysis.

          (Joint with Shikun Ke and James Nesbit)

          This version: May 2019

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